CHANEL Inspired Boots – DIY

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Let’s better talk about the new DIY I have today for you, if there is anyone reading this.

I turned an old pair of combat boots into a more stylish [to meeee that’s stylish] pair, taking as a reference these Chanel boots.
If anyone is going to tell me “it’s one year old”, let me tell you I already know. As a matter of fact, I saw them when they first came out, and decided to try it out. So I did one, just one. Yes, and it was waiting for me to retake it, collecting dust, for A YEAR. But I was too busy being kidnapped by college work and mature people’s responsibilities, and didn’t get the chance to finish what I started.

DIY Chanel inspired boots

I’ll compensate it wearing them ’till the day they die. Or ’till summer, whatever comes first.

chanel boots
chanel boots
chanel boots
chanel boots
chanel boots
chanel boots


A pair of boots
Suede ribbon
Pliers (to open the chain)
Pyramid beads


1 – Remove the cord
2 – Cut the tongue
3 – If you want, glue both sides as in the picture.
4 – Cut six 2” pieces of ribbon
5 – Pass each ribbon through the D rings and glue them.
6 – Grab a 14” chain and the suede ribbon, glue one of the ends of the ribbon between the first and the second ring of the chain.
7 – Start threading the ribbon in the chain like sewing.
8 – Once in a while put some glue to secure.
9 – Glue the end like the beginning.
10 – Measure and cut two pieces of chain.
11 – Repeat the process with the suede.
12 – Glue them to the boot.
13 – Glue the pyramid beads to cover the studs.
14 – Thread the chain.
15 – Secure both ends of the chain with ribbon.

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Did I mention it’s free? I’m sure I bought you with this.
Bye. xx


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