DIY – Spiked earrings

Hi there!

I said I was gonna be sharing a lot more spike DIYs, so here is more. I found a few images of spiked earrings online, and I wanted to recreate them myself.

I used the same spikes I used for my headphones and my headband, and glued them to an old pair of red earrings I had somewhere over my place.

I think is a pretty simple way to renew some old earrings, since you only have to glue spikes to them, or any other thing you come up with, that’s up to you.


Some inspirations I found:

spiked earrings inspiration diyspiked earrings inspiration diy


A bunch of DIY videos

So, so, so, I was gone for a while, wasn’t I? But I’m back, and with a new blog theme and with a bunch of new ideas and stuff to share with nobody because nobody reads what I post here haha. Kidding.

Since I posted a few more videos on my YouTube channel while I wasn’t updating here, in this post I’m gonna be sharing all of them. Yes a bunch of creepy looking DIY videos. Yay.

The good this is that I bought a camera for my career, so I hope to learn how to use it to create something a little bit less terrible. I’m like an old lady trying to use a MacBook. But won’t lose hope! So far so good, I’m failing, miserably

So, let’s start with the real deal, shall we.


Be, prepare, cause this is not even close to be the last spike project I have. As a matter of fact, I have already filmed three more. Sorry not sorry.

Who doesn’t have those boring pins? I do, and I also have some nail polishes, so guess what? I mixed all that together and added more personality to those little bastards.

This was inspired by a picture I saw in holy Pinterest a while ago, but the original one was made out of a brass tube, but I only had straws and more nail polish, and glitter obviously, cause life is way better when you throw glitter on it.

More nail polish, god, I’m so original honestly.

This is one of my favorites, because it’s so simple and looks so cute on my books when I’m using it. It’s like the girliest thing I’m ever gonna make.

Guess what? Yup, another nail polish project, I think it’s because I have a lot of them, but I’m terrible at painting my nails actually, so I need to use them for something else, and that’s where all these ideas come from. No waste. Plus, a pocket mirror is always a necessary thing to carry around, isn’t it? So let’s put nail polish on it!

So this is it, hope you find something of your liking, thanks for reading if you did and let me know if there’s anyone you like the most.

If you want, you can check my Channel, and spread some love, maybe.

Ok, bye!

Sunglasses with strass – DIY

Hi there!

My life is upside down right now.

Anyway, I just wanted to share another super easy tutorial. In this case, I covered the entire lens frame with small rhinestones to hide a small break in them.

I am too attach to these sunnies to let them go so easily, so I came up with this idea to revamp them and avoid throwing them away.

So here it is!

Enjoy the video 🙂