I Love You Wall Art DIY

I uploaded this video 8 month ago, I’m a disaster.

The good thing about that is that I’m actually seeing the videos I filmed back in that time and compare them to the new ones, and I can pretty much see a difference, and that’s awesome. Even if I’m still struggling with the camera and the edition, I feel like I’ve improved a lot in the last year of making videos.

Soooo, back to the video
Love is in the air all year-long, not just February 14th. So, why not make a wall art to show some love? This DIY is a super tiny wall art, or desk art depending on where you put it, with the super cheesy but never old-styled quote: “I ♥ U”

I LOVE YOU wall art

I made the canvas myself with a leftover wood piece (the perks of studying Fine Arts) so I didn’t have to buy one, and spend money on something that I’ll probably be hating in a couple of months.

My handwriting is lame, I know, but I’m trying.

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DIY – All You Need Is Love – Grunge Wall Art

 beatles quote famous style room home fast cute valentine all you need is love grunge wall art diy Finally, a Valentine’s day DIY has arrive to my life. I know it’s too late, but I was out for vacations. I don’t regret a thing. It is a lame excuse for me to make a grunge wall art with a cliche quote The Beatles sent to inmortality. Oh yeah, “All you need is love”. I’m not gonna lie, I love it. Even if it sets aside the food fact (and to me right now, it’s more important than love) Oh my god, I sound like a lovelorn. Anyway, I was looking for a grunge style, so I came up with this. But the glitter always adds a glamorous touch. I used scores because I felt like using it, but any paper design will look just as amazing. Maybe.

all you need is love
All you need is love - Wall art

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