Judith Leiber Couture amazing clutches

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a few embellished bags I found online, and since then, there was this designer’s clutches I couldn’t stop thinking about.

I think I don’t really need to tell you that I’m dying to go and try to recreate them, to make my own DIY version of all of them, because, obviously, I’m never gonna be able to pay for them. Blame it on poverty.
This is like pure art, I can’t even handle it. I have no idea in what situation a normal person would be able to wear it, unless you’re Lady Gaga, but I would love to have one only to admire it every night before going to sleep.


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1 – Camera Clutch Bag, Cosmo Jet
2 – Pyramid Crystal Clutch Bag, Champagne Volcano
3 – Rozier Crystal Hot Air Balloon Minaudiere
4 – Blueberry Candy Clutch Bag
5 – Skull Bela Lugosi Crystal Evening Clutch Bag, Silver Jet/Multi
6 – Top Hat Crystal Clutch Bag, Jet Multicolor
7 – Fred French Bulldog Crystal Clutch Bag, Silver
8 – Ice Cream Cone Crystal Clutch Bag, Silver
9 – Castle Crystal Clutch Bag, Multi
10 – Fountain Grand Army Plaza Crystal Evening Clutch Bag, Silver
11 – Peacock Crystal Minaudiere, Multicolor
12 – Koi Fish Crystal Minaudiere, Black/Silver

The funny thing is that I started and I was like “Ok, I’m only gonna share 6”, hell no, I had to share 12, and would have loved to share more.

Don’t you dare to tell me this is not real art. This is what everyone should be aspiring to. Well maybe not everyone, but mostly.

My absolute favorite has to be the skull one, I seriously need to go and try to DIY it, wish me luck.

Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading.




Inspiration: Embellished bags

This is obviously only for inspiration, because the prices of most of them are for royalty only.
I always loved super embellished stuff, like really ridiculous things, with a lot of bling bling, just to be lost in a crown.
The good thing about these bags is that you don’t really need nothing else, you can put a plain black outfit with one of these and it will do the job on its own. As a matter of fact, you can go out completely naked and most of the people wouldn’t probably notice it, since they would be looking at that colorful bag.

embellished bags, valentino, dolce gabanna, rhinestones, fringe, bag, clutch, purses, saint laurent, inspiration, favorites


1 – Saint Laurent Medium Kate Swarovski Stars Leather Bag
2 – VALENTINO GARAVANI, Leather Lock bag with embroidery
4 – Dolce & Gabbana Enbellished Perspex Dolce Bag
5 – Benedetta Bruzziches Smiling Moon Embellished Silk Clutch
6 – Sara Battaglia Leather clitch Lady Me Sbang With Fringes
7 – Judith Leiber Couture Soap Dish Confetti Crystal Clutch Bag, Champagne Rhinestone
8 – Jewelled Embellished Box Clutch
9 – Sophia Webster Claudie embellished metallic textured-leather shoulder bag

Hope you like this!

Thanks for reading 🙂

How to turn and old bag into a backpack !


How was your valentines? Mine was awesome. I’m on a diet, so I couldn’t eat one single chocolate, I am pissed.

Today I have a [Back To School?] project where I turn an old bag I no longer used, into a lovely backpack.
I came out with the elastic idea because that was the only thing I had at home. Sad, but true.
Anyway, I think it’s easy to put, easy to take out, easy to make.

I recently came back from my holidays and I used the backpack so much and it’s still standing, so I did a good job. Cheers for that.
The bag I used is big enough, but not extremely huge, and the shape was perfect for a backpack. There are bags that I’m not sure if will work for this. But maybe trying…
I embellished it with some studs, but there are tones of things you can use as well. It’ll depend on your preferences.

About the crystal string, as it’s transparent, you won’t be seeing it all the time, you’ve got to pay attention to notice it there, aaaand it’s super duper resistant, you don’t have to worry about it breaking in the middle of nowhere and having to carry the backpack like a baby all your way back home, where you’ll set it on fire for traitor.
Stop chatting, and on our business.

turn a bag into a backpack
turn a bag into a backpack
turn a bag into a backpack
turn a bag into a backpack
turn a bag into a backpack

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