DIY pencil holder with straws

DIY – Pencil holders with straws

Hi there! so here another super easy DIY. I’m the type of person that keeps almost everything because you never know when you’re gonna need it. So I have an entire box full of tin  cans waiting to be used in an art project or a DIY.

I’m changing my workspace, throwing away a bunch of stuff I no longer use, so I’m doing a lot of new decor and organizers to hold on my things. And that was the perfect moment to finally give a use to a few tin cans. And some straws. And a glue gun, my favorite thing in the world.

It’s a pretty easy and fast project you can totally customize to your own liking.

You basically have to cut straws to fit the length of your can (or whatever you’re using for this) and glue them to it.

The first one, I glued a few beads to the end of the straws and then spray painted it white.

The second one, I covered the entire surface with random glue gun strokes and painted it gold.

Diy pencil holders with strawsDiy pencil holders with strawsdiy-pencil-holder-with-straws-3Diy pencil holders with straws

So, hope you like this!


DIY – Spiked earrings

Hi there!

I said I was gonna be sharing a lot more spike DIYs, so here is more. I found a few images of spiked earrings online, and I wanted to recreate them myself.

I used the same spikes I used for my headphones and my headband, and glued them to an old pair of red earrings I had somewhere over my place.

I think is a pretty simple way to renew some old earrings, since you only have to glue spikes to them, or any other thing you come up with, that’s up to you.


Some inspirations I found:

spiked earrings inspiration diyspiked earrings inspiration diy

Decorate jars with glitter nail polish

Hi there! Today I uploaded a video where I decorate a jar with glitter nail polish, just a simple touch of light, because I wanted to try it and see the results.

And I’m actually pretty happy with it, it’s super simple to make and it’s not just a normal jar, as I say, everything is better with glitter on it. Plus, that’s the only way I can use nail polish without screwing it, so…

Hope you like it!