Judith Leiber Couture amazing clutches

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a few embellished bags I found online, and since then, there was this designer’s clutches I couldn’t stop thinking about.

I think I don’t really need to tell you that I’m dying to go and try to recreate them, to make my own DIY version of all of them, because, obviously, I’m never gonna be able to pay for them. Blame it on poverty.
This is like pure art, I can’t even handle it. I have no idea in what situation a normal person would be able to wear it, unless you’re Lady Gaga, but I would love to have one only to admire it every night before going to sleep.


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1 – Camera Clutch Bag, Cosmo Jet
2 – Pyramid Crystal Clutch Bag, Champagne Volcano
3 – Rozier Crystal Hot Air Balloon Minaudiere
4 – Blueberry Candy Clutch Bag
5 – Skull Bela Lugosi Crystal Evening Clutch Bag, Silver Jet/Multi
6 – Top Hat Crystal Clutch Bag, Jet Multicolor
7 – Fred French Bulldog Crystal Clutch Bag, Silver
8 – Ice Cream Cone Crystal Clutch Bag, Silver
9 – Castle Crystal Clutch Bag, Multi
10 – Fountain Grand Army Plaza Crystal Evening Clutch Bag, Silver
11 – Peacock Crystal Minaudiere, Multicolor
12 – Koi Fish Crystal Minaudiere, Black/Silver

The funny thing is that I started and I was like “Ok, I’m only gonna share 6”, hell no, I had to share 12, and would have loved to share more.

Don’t you dare to tell me this is not real art. This is what everyone should be aspiring to. Well maybe not everyone, but mostly.

My absolute favorite has to be the skull one, I seriously need to go and try to DIY it, wish me luck.

Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading.



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