Patchwork boots

The season change may have all of us women searching for new items to add to our closet.

And I’m no exception to the rule, so here I am searching for boots. And I discovered this amazing trend, the patchwork boots, and completely fell in love with it. I don’t know if is the texture mix or the possibility of using different fabrics to create one single and unique piece, but patchwork is definitely one of my favorite styles to go.

I have already made a few patchwork pants and sweatshirts in the past.

So here I share a few of my favorite discoveries on this trend.

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1 – Rieker – D7383 Milla 83

2 – Unionbay Tomie – Women’s ankle boots

3 – COACH – Patchwork Bandit printed leather ankle boots



6 – Joie – Briona Suede Patchwork Bootie 

7 – FRATELLI KARIDA – Black patchwork leather knee high boots

8 – Frye Claude – Patchwork Tall boots

9 – TOM FORD – Geometric Patchwork Fur Over-the-Knee Boots

As you can see, I picked different lengths too.

Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading.

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