Favorite floral watches

Searching random things on different online stores, I came across this beautiful floral theme in watches, so I though in sharing my favorite discoveries here.
The thing they have in common is the floral decor, some are more obvious than other, but yet there are the flowers.
Because flowers are not supposed to be only for spring so…
Here’s what I found.

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1 – Ted Baker London, Leather Strap Floral Watch
2 – Olivia Burton, Women’s After Dark Leather Strap Watch
3 – Fasciata Tropical Floral
4 – Kate Space New York, Metro
5 – Betsey Johnson, Women’s Floral Dial Bracelet Watch
6 – Johnny Loves Rosie Coral Strap Vintage Floral Midi Dial Watch
7 – Salvatore Ferragamo, Intreccio Silver Dial W/ Pink Topaz Bezel, Fucshia Strap
8 – Betsey Johnson, Floral Skull Watch
9 –Ted Baker London, Leather Strap Pink Watch


It’s very hard for me to pick just one and say “this is my real favorite”, because, honestly, they are all georgeous and super girly I can’t believe myself.

Hope you find something of your liking!

Thanks for reading.

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