#ArtistThursday: Mandy Budan

So, I just thought that, if I spend so much time searching for new artists to follow and inspire me, then why shouldn’t I share my discoveries with everyone else? Therefore, I came up with a new blog series where once a week, I’m going to be posting about one artist that I find interesting, share a little bit of their work and, if it’s possible according to my own abilities, write a small description of what they do or what they generate in me.

So this week’s artist is a Canadian artist named Mandy Budan. She works with acrylics creating the most beautiful abstract landscapes, in a very unique style, according to her, “emphasizing and rearranging the elements to show the beauty of the landscape in unexpected ways, using strong colour, discrete shapes and rhythmic patterns to create paintings which can be enjoyed for both their abstract and realistic qualities”.

Here are a few of her beautiful works


One fine day


Summer Medley




October Heights

She has a main page, a store, and you can also find her in instagram and tumblr.

Hope you enjoy this, and thanks for reading!


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