Would you wear them? – Original Felted Scarfs

So, searching through holy Pinterest the other day, I stumbled upon some extra original but also a little eccentric felt (and maybe another materials) scarfs.
I’m not gonna deny it, I. FRICKING. LOVE. THEM.
But I understand they are definitely not the most typical scarfs you can find in any random store. Maybe it requires a little bit of a personality to be able to put them on and rock the hell out of an outfit.
Here I share you a few images of the most beautiful yet crazy scarfs I came across.




1 -This is not made out of felt, but couldn’t avoid it cause it’s gorgeous. Trust me, once you start seeing her job, you’ll want every single thing. http://anneselby.com/
2 –  http://goo.gl/AoDGy2
3 – http://goo.gl/cT5TN9
4 – http://www.judithdios.com/
5 – These cutout ones are definitely something I’m inspired for some future DIY. http://goo.gl/bGKTEK
6 – http://goo.gl/M5KxJC
7 – http://goo.gl/hyaDCp
8 – This is like my total favorite, it’s just so beautiful, too bad someone already bought it, and it’s NOT me. http://goo.gl/cUl7Xs
9 – http://goo.gl/K618qS

Actually, this isn’t even close to be only ones I found, I have pinned tones of them, and everyone is more beautiful than the last, but I couldn’t make a three pages long blog post, so I had to narrow the number to only nine. You can totally go around and see all these beauties by yourself, Pinterest or Etsy are the best places to start. At least that’s where I found them.

Hope you find this as interesting as I did.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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