Decorate your lipsticks with glitter

YES! GLITTER! You read right, but of course I also used nail polish in this project, cause, obviously I can’t live without it apparently.

This is a super short video (pretty much like all I do, man, I’m a busy person) where I try to decorate the lid of a liquid lipstick with glitter, because I felt like doing so.

Now that I think about it, I could have used glitter nail polish too, like the other lipstick decoration I made recently, but maybe I just wanted to change as little bit.

The good thing is that I discovered that the top coat nail polish is definitely the best thing to make glitter stay in its place, the bad thing is that it makes the shine of the glitter a little bit more opaque, but nothing too noticeable.

So, without further do, here I let you the video, it’s a very short one as I said, so you can totally check it out without getting bored in the way.

Hope you like, and if you feel like to, go and check my YouTube Channel and show some love, that I always appreciate that.


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