Knot Earrings – DIY

Air dry clay is one of my favorite materials to work with. You can literally make almost anything out of it, and you don’t have to worry about baking it, sometimes it gets hard if your oven doesn’t cooperate.

In this video, I made a pair of earrings (don’t fffff tell me, again?). Yeah, I know, I can’t get enough.

They resemble a knot. I saw similar ones on a page, and they were made out of gold, and hell of expensive, so I decided to make my own poor version, cause, honestly, who has $200 to spend on some earrings? That’s crazy. I’m a student for god’s sake. That’s like half rent.

It’s super easy to make. You only need to roll the clay into a thin snake shape and make a knot with it.

Cut the excess, let it dry, glue it to an earring post and paint it as you wish. I used nail polish, but you can spray paint it before gluing it to the earring, paint it with acrylic paint or color the clay before using it.

And that’s so it.

Here’s the video so you get a better idea.

Hope you like it, feel free to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to show some love 🙂


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