Bead Charm Bracelet – DIY

charm bra

Hello again!
As I said in my previous post, I’m actually updating my blog again, so you’ll be seeing posts of old videos I have already uploaded to YouTube a while ago.

This one is one of my most used bracelets of all I’ve done so far, I don’t really have a reason for that but the truth is that I love it. The colors, the style, the pearls, I just love it.

It’s super simple to make (pretty much like everything I do), you only need some wire, flat head pins and random beads you may have abandoned somewhere in your craft area.

Find something to shape the wire into a round form that could fit your wrist, secure one end with a loop, then move to make the bead charms. Or make the charms first and then shape the wire, that’s up to you.

Making the charms is actually the easiest thing ever. You only need to thread them through the pins and close the end with a loop as well. If there’s any excess of wire, feel free to cut it out so the charms are not so large.
Finally you have to add the charms to the wire until it’s almost all covered and close the  end with another loop.

charm bracelet

Isn’t it the easiest and cutest thing ever?

Hope you like it, feel free to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to show some love 🙂

Here is the video if you want to see it too.


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