DIY – Necklace in 2 minutes


With college and work, it’s pretty hard to keep up with DIYs and crafts (even if I’m studying fine arts, homework doesn’t count) so I always try to make simple things in the little free time I’m left with.

This necklace is an example of that, since it will take you maximum 2 minutes to make if you have the things, and it’s super easy, you don’t need to be a master crafter to finish with a decent result.

2 minutes easy necklace

-Beads [I’m using some larger faceted ones, and bicones]
-Necklace chain [or anything you can use for the same purpose]
-A piece of wire [the length will depend on your preferences, I always prefer to start with a larger wire and then cut the excess if needed]

1-Make a small loop at the end of the wire, so the beads won’t fall off. [genious me]
2-Thread the beads the way you want. I’m alternating them.
3-When finish, cut the excess and make a larger loop.
4-Add the necklace chain and you’re done.

Don’t tell me it’s not the simplest thing ever.
I love easy projects, you can make tons in a very short time and give them to friends as presents or so.
You can also play with the wire, and shape it somehow. It’s up to you.
Hope you enjoy this simple tutorial and here is the video, if you like more visuals.

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