Easy Teardrop Earrings – DIY

DIY super easy teardrop earrings tutorial

So, I came back to make earrings [not like I ever stopped], as always I love keeping it simple and these earrings are not an exception.
They are super easy to make, and, in my opinion, look great. You can add a personal style if you want.

Maybe use some color wire, or different kind of beads. You can see what you already have in your house [if you’re a crafty person, you surely have something] and go from there. That’s what I always do.

For those days when you want to make something, but feel too lazy to spend a lot of time, this is perfect, because it will only take you 5 minutes to do, so there’s no excuse.

teardrop earrings


1 – Make a loop at the end of one wire.

2 – Use something round to shape it. I used a plastic container.

3 – Thread the earring hook and secure with a loop.

4 – Insert the bead in the flat head pin, cut the excess and make a loop without close it.

5 – Pass it through one of the wire loops and close it.

6 – Open up the jump ring, add the tear shape bead and the remain wire loop. Secure.

Here you have the video if you like it the most.

Hope you like!


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