Revamp old sunglasses using shatter nail polish

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I had these beautiful sunglasses, but as they were beautiful, they were getting a little old. So, I decided to revamp them, restyle them a little bit.

I was between painting them with shatter nail polish, or adding some glitter, but this last option didn’t work so well when I tried it with other pair of sunnies. So I went for the nail polish!

There’s no easier way to bring something back to life than adding a little paint here, a little paint there. Especially if you’re using nail polish, it’s literally a 1 minute project [and like 2 more until it dries]

So there is no excuses to not try this out.

At least you know you won’t fail. Maybe.


Here is the video.

Hope you like this, and if you see it, please let me know what you think about!

Bye. xx

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