DIY – Spiked Bra

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I know they are a little old now, but I always wanted to have one of these beautiful spiked bras, but never could.
A little time ago, while doing a wardrobe cleaning, I was going to throw away some bras I didn’t use much. But I finally decided to keep them, maybe in the future I was gonna have an idea to reuse them.

So, one day, I stumbled upon some videos in YouTube where they explain how to make your own spiked bra, but they were all using the studs and spikes you have to attach by making a hole in the fabric, and the back part of them are pretty rough to be in direct contact with skin.

And others use the ones you have to glue to the fabric. I personally don’t like this because, even if it’s not a bra meant to be used every day to go to the supermarket (I would use it everyday anyway, my shame, but I love them) some of them may take off by rubbing and washings.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to use some acrylic spikes with bead-like holes, and sew them. This way, they are gonna be secure, won’t hurt you, and won’t deform the shape of the bra. And you can go to the supermarket with it.

To make this project, I used a transparent nylon thread, because it’s a little more resistant and it won’t be seen.


For the whole bra, I used almost two hundred spikes, and didn’t spend more than ten dollars. These are half-inch wide. I bought mine in a local craft store.


It’s very simple. At the beginning, if you’re not used to sew, it’s gonna be a little complicated, but after a few, it’s gonna be very fast.

Here you can take a minute to admire how beautiful it’s already looking. And take a picture, of course.


I covered the entire bra with spikes, but it’s up to each one’s liking.

It’s very simple once you start doing it, and very fast, I made mine in just one afternoon. And I love the result, it’s beautiful, and I’m leaving to the supermarket wearing it.

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