Earring Holder Tree – DIY

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I figured out I have soooo many earrings unevenly distributed all over my room, that I needed a new earring holder. [I already have 2, and a few boxes].

Searching for ideas, I came up with this earring holder tree, and I thought it was pretty easy to make, and would look OK next to the others.

So, I put my hands on it, and got it done. The materials were all over my house [you know, a few cardboard boxes and you’re done], so there were no excuses to postpone it.

You can definitely go fancier with it, and add something personal, but I wanted to keep it simple [and I knew I wouldn’t finish it if I’d go wild].

Maybe in the very future, I’ll spice it up a little bit. [That means glitter]

But now, I’m happy with the result. And that’s to say A LOT.
earring holder tree
earring holder tree
earring holder tree


1 – Fold the paper in half
2 – draw half tree and cut it.
3 – Copy it in two pieces of cardboard
4 – Cut them.
5 – Use the paper mold to find the middle of the tree.
6 – In one tree, mark a line from the top to down the center.
7 – Mark a line from the bottom to up the center in the other tree.
8 – Cut through them.
9 – Check if they fit.
10 – Mark where the holes for the earrings are going to be and pierce using a hole punch or something sharp.
11 – Glue both pieces together and let it dry. I put some tape to secure while drying.
12 – Paint the color you want.

So here’s the video for all of you.

What do you think about it?

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