DIY Vampire Teeth Necklace

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It’s not Halloween yet, but I felt like doing something that could be related to the celebration. Or not.

Let’s be honest, if I say vampire, you’ll say Halloween, costume, blood, apocalypse, they’re real, not twilight.

Anyway, out of nowhere, I saw what looked like the vampire teeth in a pile of old beads and studs, call it destiny, but I needed to give it a try.

I mean, it’s like the easiest thing ever, you don’t even need to be a master crafter or some.

I could do this.

And I love vampires, they are mysterious, powerful, immortal, and shine in the sunlight. Who wouldn’t want to be one? Duh. No more glitter body creams. No more worrying about getting old and senile.

Sure, you will be pale forever and ever. But you can’t have everything, right?
Enough talking (writing).



18” Chain
Lobster Clasp
4 jump rings
2 5mm faceted beads
2 10mm faceted beads
2 spikes
2 1/2” Wire


1 – Cut the chain in two.
2 – Make a loop at the end of the wire.
3 – Thread the beads: one spike, one 5mm faceted bead, two 10mm faceted beads, one 5mm faceted bead and one spike.
4 – Secure with a loop.
5 – Attach both chains to the wire.
6 – Add the lobster clasp at one chain and a jump ring to the other.

I found it fun to make a necklace resembling vampire teeth. The wonderful thing is that it’s super easy to make, you don’t really need much and I love the result.

I already have a Halloween lover friend asking me to give it to her.

What do you think of it? I’d love to read you 🙂

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