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Hi visitants of the outer space. Welcome here, my humble abode.
I know the feather purse is kinda out by now. But since the minute I saw it, I was like “OMG, I need to have it [that means do it, everyone knows I’m poor]”. So I’m doing it right now, and gonna wear it as if it’s a 2016 trend anyone has yet, without giving a damn, and being awesome in the way.

feather purse


1 – Cut the holders to form the handles

2 – Sew them in place

3 – Glue the feathers as you want

4 – Cover the rough edges with a lace

5 – Add the purse strap.

Remember to go and check my channel to help me and subscribe and thumbs up and all those things people do on YouTube channels.

Did I mention it’s free? And it only takes you a few seconds.

Do you like feathers? Or do you think birds will attack you thinking you killed half the family?

Bye. xx

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