DIY – Dior Inspired Pearl Earrings

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February, oh! The month of love. At least for those who are in love.
I’ll find something valentine’s related to do, even if I’m lonelier than Pinocchio in children’s day. I will celebrate it with myself, and give me a lot of chocolate. Awesome plan.

Soooo, today’s project got nothing to do with valentine, but a lot to do with my love for earrings and pearls.
I saw everywhere these Christian Dior doubled pearl earrings, and let’s be honest, they are fantabulous.

And super expensive. Did I ever mentioned I’m poor?
So I said to myself, – what a wonderful world – “C’mon Nikki, you can recreate them”. Hell I do.

In the last post I mentioned I got a lot of pearl earrings with different sizes. Well, when I did this project, I didn’t have them. So I used and old pair of light blue pearl earrings I already had (such a fine color) and some larger pearls I got from an old necklace no longer used.

And I messed up with it, because the hole in them wasn’t big enough to insert the earring rubber back I had. So, using a huge needle and a candle (and all the patience I have) I opened up one of the holes a little bit. It’s ok, it’s not like you see the black surface when you’re wearing them.

DIY Dior inspired pearl earrings

There’s some smaller rubber backs that fit perfectly. I was pissed off when I found out.
Anyway, I came up with a new lovely pair of earrings I use all the time, so I’m happy with it.
The strass is not necessary at all, but I think it gives the earring a better finish.

dior inspired earrings
dior inspired earrings
dior inspired earrings


1 – Grab the rubber earring back and glue it to one of the holes of the pearl.
2 – This is optional, but I glued a strass to the other hole for a better look.

So tell me what you think about them, and if you would do it.
Bye xx.

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