DIY – Pencil Holders with Mugs

diy easy pencil holder mugs create art artist fast simple cute gift original

The other day, while I was hunting for new room decor ideas to spice up my bedroom a little bit, I found some pencil holders that had like tridimensional designs and were super cute. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture to them but I came up with an idea to make something similar using a few things I already had in home.

The good thing about this project is that I was able to reuse some old mugs that were cracked and unusable.
Sometimes I don’t throw away broken things, because I learned that you can take advantage of them and make new stuff. It only takes a little of imagination.

pencil holder mugs
pencil holder mugs


A cup
Dimensional Paint
Spray paint


1-Make a design with the dimensional paint
2-Let it dry completely.
3-Spray paint it and let it dry overnight.

I didn’t have to buy anything because I used materials I always have in stock in my house, such as the spray paint and the dimensional paint.
I used the puffy paint, but maybe glue can work for it as well.
You can find a pattern or a design of your like to paint the mugs or just freehand it, as I did.

One is the silhouette of Paris (or at least, that’s what I tried to recreate) and the other is a little nature style design.
Of course you’re not gonna be able to use the mugs ever again to drink your coffee, so it’s important to pick one that you no longer need or use.

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I hope you have a great week. Here is raining, and there’s not much to do.
Bye. xx.

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